Sunday, August 5, 2012

Serving old classics at New Town Bakery & Restaurant

The family owned and operated New Town Bakery & Restaurant has been serving loyal patrons traditional Chinese and Filipino food and baked goods for 32 years. 

Boasting a Yelp review rating of 4/5 stars, drawing thousands of daily customers and operating in three locations, Chinatown, Surrey and Richmond - there is nothing new about this established culinary institution. 

I had the chance to meet owners Susanna and Ken Ng at their flagship Chinatown location. The mother and son team run the business side of the bakery while father, David, the head pastry chef and cook is busy churning out their specialities: the award winning apple tarts and world famous siopao (steamed buns) - asado (BBQ pork) and bola bola (chicken deluxe). 

Ken & Susanna Ng loving New Town specialty treats 
Did you know: Susanna's fav is the coconut bun and Ken is the sesame ball (deep-fried stuffed with red bean paste).
Coconut buns
Sesame ball

One of my favourites is their specialty steam bun, asado siopao. Generous portions of tender, juicy BBQ pork pieces are tucked inside white pillowy buns and steamed to perfection in large bamboo trays. Then I tried the the award winning apple tart and to my delight, it is now added to my growing favorites list! I can’t get enough of the slightly sweetened baked apples, wrapped in a buttery, flaky crust.

Asado Siopao

Apple Tarts
Chinatown’s New Town Restaurant also has an extensive menu offering an array of Chinese and Filipino comfort foods including congee, dim sum, hot pots, fried rice and even spaghetti! 

Candice & Ken enjoying the delicious apple tarts!
If you're looking for the perfect sweet and savoury bun on-the-go, without breaking the bank, stop by your nearest New Town Bakery & Restaurant.


148 East Pender Street, Vancouver
Open 7 days, 6:30am-8:30pm

#7-10303 135th Street, Surrey
Closed Wednesdays, 

#4-6330 No. 3 Rd, Richmond
Closed Wednesdays, 10am-7pm

Candice’s Recommendations:

BBQ pork steam buns - $1.40, Sesame Ball - $1.10, Coconut Bun - $0.90; Apple Tart - $0.95
Buy any combination of 6 buns or more to avoid paying taxes and get 50% all baked goods after 6pm.

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