Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pinoy Pride!

Pinoy Fiesta
August 12, 2012
Memorial South Park, 41st Avenue & Windsor Street, Vancouver

Going to a park that welcomes you with jamming live music, hip-hop dancing, friendly vendors and delicious Filipino food is my ideal way of spending a sunny Sunday afternoon.  For the past three years, Pinoy Fiesta - Unang Hirit sa Tag-init (Filipino Cultural Street Parade & Festival) celebrates and showcases the Filipino culture and heritage with a street parade, performances and, of course food.

The line-ups for all the food vendors were miles deep and most of the cooks were barbecuing up a storm! You could smell the sweet perfume of grilling pork & chicken skewers and salivate over trays of steaming pancit, mounds of golden empanadas and pyramids of crispy lumpia shanghai. This was just the Cabalen Sweets food tent. There were at least 8 other food vendors offering many other delicious Filipino delicacies and treats.

Girlfriends enjoying a Pinoy picnic!
I brought three friends, all non-Filipino, for the excursion and hoped they'd like Pinoy Fiesta as much as me.  The verdict - they enjoyed pinoy food! Here's a sampling of what we feasted on:

Banana Turon
Java Rice with Afritada & BBQ Pork Skewer
Chicken BBQ Skewers
Goldilocks barbecuing the Chicken Skewers
Pork Empanadas

The event was a success and so grateful to the Pinoy Fiesta Management for instilling Pinoy Pride in the Vancouver community and looking forward to next year's fiesta!