Friday, August 17, 2012

Casa Pinoy: House Built on Taste!

Chef Dennis Pineda & I with the Crispy Pata
After reading several food reviews about Casa Pinoy, some even describing their dishes as not only good but casamazing, I was intrigued and excited to try the food myself. 

Casa Pinoy, means Filipino House, but welcomes all with its broad selection of Filipino, Western and Italian dishes. Tucked inside Richmond's industrial neighbourhood, owners Edith and Eugene Colobong opened shop in February 2011.

With a growing clientele, they cater regularly to the surrounding businesses and restaurant patrons with Filipino favourites like *empanada* (sweet & savory meat pie), *lechon* (deep fried pork belly) and *pancit* (noodles sautéed with veggies & seafood) as well as local comfort foods like all-day breakfast, burgers, fish n' chips, pastas. 

Head chef, Dennis Pineda, took my order and proudly claims that he is the mastermind behind all of the restaurant's casamazing recipes! With so many items to choose from, Dennis suggested their in-house Filipino specialities: *chicken inasal* (grilled chicken leg marinated in coconut vinegar), *crispy pata* (deep fried crispy pork hock) and *leche flan* (caramel custard).   

Crispy Pata
All of Dennis' recommendations were done authentically and to perfection. The crispy pata was by far my favourite! The pork hocks were deep-fried so the skin becomes a crispy crackling and the meat, dipped in a soy-vinegar sauce, was tender and tasty. 

Chicken Inasal with Java Rice
The barbecued chicken inasal with the side *java rice* (yellow fried rice) had a good balance of citrus, coconut vinegar and garlic flavours that all harmoniously melded in my mouth. 

Leche Flan
My feast ended with the decadent, rich and creamy leche flan.

Pork & Chicken Adobo with Quail Eggs
Halo Halo
The portions are generous, prices affordable and the service is friendly.

Casa Pinoy's broad menu offering will appeal to many so I'd recommend bringing several friends so you can all share, taste and experience their variety of casamazing dishes. 

Casa Pinoy
101 - 11911 Bridgeport Road
Richmond, BC V6V1J3
Open 7 days, 10am-8pm

Candice’s Recommendations:
Crispy Pata (served with veggies & rice) $9.99, Chicken Inasal (served with veggies & rice) $8.99, Chicken/Pork Adobo $6.99, Leche Flan $2.99 and Halo Halo $5.50   

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