Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good Cheap Eats at Robson's Viet Sub

Viet Sub on Robson Street
Tucked along a row of Japanese restaurants on Robson Street including Japadog, Beard Papa's and Gyudon Ya, Viet Sub holds its own as a small but popular, family-operated restaurant dishing out authentic Vietnamese comfort food. 
With owner Long Bui
The father and son team, Cuong and Long Bui, opened Viet Sub three years ago and have been satisfying taste buds with their moderately priced banh mi (Vietnamese subs), pho (noodle soups) and salad rolls. 
Viet Sub #1 with Urbanspoon
They were even recognized by Urbanspoon, an international restaurant directory and review website, as the 2012 Top Vancouver Restaurant for Cheap Eats $.
Shrimp Salad Roll
Opting to dine-in, I was offered some complimentary hot tea to go with my starter, the shrimp salad roll. The delicate strands of Vermicelli noodles, crispy green lettuce and cold shrimp, all encased in a thin rice paper, were light and refreshing and best dipped in the sweet peanut sauce.    

Vietnam was once a French colony so it's interesting to see the cultural influences reflected in their cuisine. Banh mi is an example of an Asian-French fusion dish using baguettes for the Vietnamese submarine sandwiches. 
Special Sub 
A must-order is the meat-lovers special sub. Each bite was a harmony of moist Vietnamese ham, cold cuts and meat balls with the crispy, julienne pickled carrots and daikon (white radish), fresh cucumbers and cilantro. 
Yummy Special Banh Mi!
The star was the warm and crusty French baguette! The pillowy white bread absorbed all the juices from the delicious meat and veggie filings while the golden crust added crunchy texture. For a subtle kick, drizzle some of their creamy spicy mayo (Sriracha chili sauce and mayonnaise) on top of your sub.
Special Beef Noodle Soup
To help warm up during the cool spring day, I ended my meal with the special beef noodle soup featuring rare and cooked beef and meat balls. The soup came with all the typical pho side fixings, fresh bean sprouts, Thai basil leaves and a lemon wedge. The basil and lemon brightened the aromatic broth with hints of sour zing and the bean sprouts against the tender beef was intoxicatingly addictive! 
Regardless of how busy and crowded the cozy restaurant is, owners Cuong and Long Bui are usually at the till taking orders with fast and friendly service. So whether you're looking to grab a lunch to-go, takeout a quick snack or dine-in for dinner, Viet Sub is the perfect place for good cheap eats. 

Candice's Recommendations:
Shrimp Salad Roll $2.75, Special Sub $4.50, BBQ Sub $4.50, Special Noodle Soup $6.90 and Chicken Noodle Soup $6.90.

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