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Flavour Meets Art at Kadoya Japanese Restaurant

Kadoya Team!
There are hundreds of Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, from the corner sushi bars to elegant and upscale dining rooms, but what really distinguishes one from the other? Is it the decor, the prices, the location, the selection of sushi?
Watch how they make sushi rolls at Kadoya

Impressive fancy roll feast!
At Kadoya Japanese Restaurant on Davie Street, owner Lin Xiao takes the world of sushi to a whole new level by infusing colours, textures and flavours never before touched by chopsticks. 

Lin has been running Kadoya since 2005 and injects creativity into the menu by making each sushi roll a piece of art. By introducing a new roll every two to three months, he incorporates seasonal and local ingredients to keep customers coming back. He recently added a number of vegetarian sushi choices and brown rice options to cater to his health conscious clientele. 

Sakura roll
The rolls are impressive, presented on large white plates and gracefully drizzled with one or more of Lin's top secret sauces. Lin's signature Sakura roll is not your average spicy tuna roll. The fiery seasonings tingle the tongue while the generous cuts of soft and tender tuna cool the bite. But like all rolls at Kadoya, there is a surprise. Lin adds crunch with tempura bits and sesame seeds mixed into the tuna. He then tops his creation with chopped scallops, tobiko (salmon roe) and unagi sauce for sweetness.
Spider roll
If you're feeling adventurous and love crab, then the spider roll is a must! Its size and presentation alone are enough to intimidate even the most noble ninja. Jam packed with creamy crab meat, sweet yam and topped with generous pieces of golden soft shell crab tempura, the spider roll is guaranteed to whet your appetite when it arrives to the table. 
Canada roll
The Canada roll is perfect if you have a voracity of a sumo wrestler. It's an inventive fusion of traditional rice and seaweed with strips of canadian bacon and fresh avocado. A blanket of tuna tempura coat the roll while a sprinkling of crispy bacon bits, sweet mayonaise and ketchup sauces complete this work of art.
Tuna sashimi with Lin's special sauce
Kadoya's fast service, large portions and bold fusion styling continue to be one of my favourite restaurants and a must-visit for any culinary enthusiast who enjoys adventurous cuisine. Visit Kadoya Japanese Restaurant, where flavour meets art.

Candice's recommendations:
Sakura roll - $8.99; Spider roll - $9.99 & Canada roll - $8.99

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