Thursday, September 13, 2012

Give Peaceful Restaurant a chance

The name may be misleading, but the food is anything but. Packed with diners on a regular basis Peaceful Restaurant is certainly not a calm oasis, but then its understandable given their serious cooking chops.

By the time the doors are set to open at 11AM, the lunch crowd line-up has already formed outside the door. Once you get your table, the cosy seating arrangements also guarantee you’ll be making fast friends.

Open since 2006, Peaceful Restaurant has won the hearts of many regulars and also many accolades, including an award for their “Peaceful Beef Rolls” and a feature on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Owner Charlie Huang is at the helm of the kitchen making hand-made noodles (dragged and blade-sheared) and cooking authentic regional specialties from Northern China. Just before we sat at our table, I peered through the kitchen’s glass window to watch the magic unfold as the chefs effortlessly pulled balls of white dough into long noodle strands then transforming them into something delicious.

The menu is extensive with over 150 items. You get help narrowing down your selection, with the letters “R” beside their recommended favourites and “V” for vegetarian dishes.

My top two recommendations are their 5-spiced Peaceful Beef Rolls and the Dan Dan noodles.

Peaceful Beef Rolls
The beef rolls are a perfect combination of contrasting tastes and textures as you crunch into the flaky green onion flat bread and savour the thinly sliced beef with sweet hoisin sauce.

Dan Dan Noodles
A spicy explosion of flavours, the meaty Dan Dan hand-dragged noodles hold their own against the dense peanut sauce, ground pork and blanched spinach.

Xiao Long Boa Steamed Buns
Chili-Garlic Eggplant
The service is friendly, prices are reasonable and the food is addictive. They only take cash or debit cards so come prepared. Leftovers are another guarantee, good for a delicious lunch the next day. If you haven’t done so already, all I am saying is give Peaceful Restaurant a chance.

Peaceful Restaurant
#110-532 West Broadway, Vancouver

Candice’s Recommendations:
Peaceful Beef Rolls - $7.25, Dan Dan Noodles - $7.95, Chili-Garlic Eggplant - $11.95 & Xiao Long Boa Steam Buns - $7.25.

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